AO in New London

Session 10

Starts in a hidden meeting point, appearing to be in a basement. Travels through a hologram wall to a large elevator. At the bottom is a large room consisting of tons of computer-savvy people. Group has to assault the servers that are being transported through the France wilderness. They’re given motorcycles (with sidecars) for vehicles. Group decided to move towards Paris first. Encounters a group of Remnants moving towards the group armed and on vehicles. After combat, group flees to the Paris boarder to outrun a second group of remnants that appear to be much more armed (rocket launchers, etc.) than the previous ones. They stop at the side shop that sold fireworks to grab kegs of fireworks to destroy a bridge. Area around bridge has tons of security in the vicinity of. Kegs are placed on the track and the group deals with security forces as it waits for the train. Train falls into the valley as the bridge collapses.

Gained 100 CDP

End Session 10



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