AO in New London

Session 12

Group returns to Salvations Edge. Athena calls everyone to the office and explains the Hermies needs our services again. Arrives in Paris to meet with the technocratic general for a surrender. Job is to protect Hermies as the situation is unfolding. Most of the group is sent to explore the building and confirm there’s no threats. Power goes out while the group is in the elevator. Group climbs down elevator shaft and returns to the conference room, discovering the dead body of the general and no other bodies. They move to the entrance to see if anyone was fleeing and discovers several dead bodies who appeared to be fleeing from something. Group gathers information off of a datadisk. The Gabrazentier plans on taking over the Technocratic and to attack Salvations Edge and Cerberus. Group travels to America to attack the Gabrazentier and get Hermies back.

End Session 12



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