AO in New London

Session 4

Group met back at the bar, Afus left the group and Xyphus, a Nephilim, joined the group. Two guards are at the facility where the witness is known to be. We diplomacy through them, and calm the witness. Group takes witness and ten NPC guards to a nearby ship dock to a safer place to fortify against an assault. Once fortified, we learn that the incoming forces are made of New London spec ops military called Black Adder. General Bell is the criminal boss ‘Bell’, witness uncovered the proof of it. Moss set bombs, group set barricades and Vera contacted Athena for reinforcements. Athenas’ Decoy came, group sneaked out and was picked up by Peter. Group succeeded in the mission and all NPC guards survived.

Group gains 2000 Trust and 250 CDP

End Session 4



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