AO in New London

Session 8

Team Dragoon (The new group name) gets picked up by a helicopter sent by a sister company, Cerberus. Taken to their base in Germany for a mission. Technocratic Coalition operates in the same area, however they’re not being cooperative with the treaty of the area. They’re attempting to take over the area, mission is to stop them. We’re to infiltrate and grab intel on them. Higher-ups are having a social events, we’re to enter as part of the staff that will cater the event. Find where the computer systems are and download information from it. Reward can be up to around 2000 Trust each.

Dragoon bribes someone to carry food and enters the building. Group goes to the elevators and notice there’s eight floors and four basement floors. Groups goes to their jobs, setting up the party and search for people who could offer information. Basement level three sounds like software development. Group failed at diplomacy on the general. Combat with the general occurs near the van.

End Session 8



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