AO in New London

Session 3

Gained 100 CDP

Gained Meteorite Detector. Meteorites are capable of giving various abilities to weapons and equipment.

Group called to Athena. Mission to bring in person with codename ‘X’ to speak out against the weapon dealer. We also need suitcase with evidence. Weapons dealer codename ‘Bell’ is also trying to find ‘X’. Mission will take us into Old London. Group should meet with Moss first. Moss is knowledgeable of that area. Group should track ‘X’ from the ‘other end’ instead of the police, since the police cannot divulge information. Group should look for Jillian and/or Ted. Moss will also accompany the group.

Group goes down stairs into the subway. They descend further down into unused subway tunnels. Group enters Old London, then to a nearby bar to gather information. Group sees Ted enter bar then leave, group splits up. One part follows Ted, the other part waiting on more information.

Dorrian Apt #, Jillian and Ted were assassins. They were both killed during interrogation.

End Session 3

Session 2

Starting in the monitoring room. Encountered two Remnants trying to break into the control room. Group chooses to save a police officer first instead of going to the source of the problem. Four Remnants inside the room, plus four dead bodies and the tortured officer. Safely rescued the officer, regrouped with all party members and Bill evacuated. Pete is the only NPC with the group at the moment. Entered room with the “leader” of the Remnants with two nearby Remnants. The room contains a whirlpool with septic water being filtered through. Current strong enough to be treated as instant-kill if someone falls into it. “Leader” wields the water into a wave and hits most of the group, with a potency level 2 disease. He then wielded energy and shocked the group, also causing a party wipe. Party was able to recover and defeat the “Leader” Remnant and the other two.

End Session 2

Session 1

Player Characters:
R42 Mark 16
Vera Nyovskova
Geist 187
Harold Brenner “Gizmo”

Members of Salvations’ Edge
Leader is Athena (Anunnaki)
Takes contracts from all over the world.
Characters are taking first ‘real’ contract.
Organization holds high morals, severe punishments for breaking them.
Two story building with a basement, very simple square design.

Sitting with info brokers, Sinthia O’Neal (focus on businesses and upper world), and “Moss” (focus on lower world). Went to meet Athena. Two Grigori guards standing at the door (Wooden double doors). She smokes. Bitch. Low-light room, hazy smoke with several bookshelves.

Water Filtration Plant Sub-Section 8
Two sanitation workers and a ‘SWAT’ police force disappeared.

Harold has the data chip with contract information. Chip contains info on bodies found. Bodies were mauled and partly consumed. Gave Vera data chip. Group going to techlab, met Jack Bellin. Harold given a vial to give to Alex Bellin, Jacks’ father. Group going to library, met Carl Sagenis (Powerful arcane wielder). Two theories from the pictures, Sleech (Leech the size of a horse) and an unknown creature. Map of how to get there and of sub-section 8. Dirty water intake in the northeast block in the water filtration plant. Went to medical bay, gave Alex the vial. Female walks up, Jess Mc’Coy. Vera given a medical kit. On the way out, met a Grigori, Voth the guard leader, and Lesser Grigori, Orin the weapon master. Boris “Grease Trap” and Peter are the mechanics in the garage.

Drives to the Water Filtration Plant, fog covers the city since it’s been raining for several days now. Guard at the gate is skeptical of the groups abilities. Mr. Slevens greets us and introduces us to Bill and Kyle ‘the coward’ who then join us to hunt Sleeches. Encountered two through a doorway, met three more in the sewer tunnels. Banner created a suppression field to sneak us through the tunnel after killing the Sleeches. Kyle died from two Remnants. Bill fled into control room and the group executed the Remnants.

End Session 1


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