AO in New London

Session 13

They arrive in the ruins of New York City. Slynt sends a message of Gabrazentier bases and sub-bases down the american continent and into south america (Virginia, Tennessee, Texas and Mexico. The main base seems to be in Columbia. Groups’ giant robot is attacked by two Gabrazentier enforcement robots. Group is overwhelmed by 37 robots and 3 power suits.

End Campaign

Session 12

Group returns to Salvations Edge. Athena calls everyone to the office and explains the Hermies needs our services again. Arrives in Paris to meet with the technocratic general for a surrender. Job is to protect Hermies as the situation is unfolding. Most of the group is sent to explore the building and confirm there’s no threats. Power goes out while the group is in the elevator. Group climbs down elevator shaft and returns to the conference room, discovering the dead body of the general and no other bodies. They move to the entrance to see if anyone was fleeing and discovers several dead bodies who appeared to be fleeing from something. Group gathers information off of a datadisk. The Gabrazentier plans on taking over the Technocratic and to attack Salvations Edge and Cerberus. Group travels to America to attack the Gabrazentier and get Hermies back.

End Session 12

Session 11

Regroups and is send to destroy the last remaining Technocratic base and recover their secret project. Group infiltrates the base and breaks into the hanger that supposedly has the secret project in. They kill all the wielders on floor B3 to stop any type of wielding dampening. On floor B4 the group finds a giant robot and several mechanics and soldiers. Group kills the generals, steals the robot, and destroys the base, then returns to the quest giver (Forgot the name).

Gained 5000 Trust
Gained 250 CDP

End Session 11

Session 10

Starts in a hidden meeting point, appearing to be in a basement. Travels through a hologram wall to a large elevator. At the bottom is a large room consisting of tons of computer-savvy people. Group has to assault the servers that are being transported through the France wilderness. They’re given motorcycles (with sidecars) for vehicles. Group decided to move towards Paris first. Encounters a group of Remnants moving towards the group armed and on vehicles. After combat, group flees to the Paris boarder to outrun a second group of remnants that appear to be much more armed (rocket launchers, etc.) than the previous ones. They stop at the side shop that sold fireworks to grab kegs of fireworks to destroy a bridge. Area around bridge has tons of security in the vicinity of. Kegs are placed on the track and the group deals with security forces as it waits for the train. Train falls into the valley as the bridge collapses.

Gained 100 CDP

End Session 10

Session 9

Group breaks into security office and sends one person up to recon the top floor, two to infiltrate and gather data, one to watch the security moniters, and Vera to defend the lobby. Vera destroys three elevators and dozens of guards with two high yield frag grenades. They get the information they need then evacuate the building. Combat begins in a street with several troopers, a rocket trooper in a nearby building, and a cyber-tank. Group kills the troopers on the street then flee in a hot-wired car.

Gained 3000 Trust
Gained 250 CDP

End Session 9

Session 8

Team Dragoon (The new group name) gets picked up by a helicopter sent by a sister company, Cerberus. Taken to their base in Germany for a mission. Technocratic Coalition operates in the same area, however they’re not being cooperative with the treaty of the area. They’re attempting to take over the area, mission is to stop them. We’re to infiltrate and grab intel on them. Higher-ups are having a social events, we’re to enter as part of the staff that will cater the event. Find where the computer systems are and download information from it. Reward can be up to around 2000 Trust each.

Dragoon bribes someone to carry food and enters the building. Group goes to the elevators and notice there’s eight floors and four basement floors. Groups goes to their jobs, setting up the party and search for people who could offer information. Basement level three sounds like software development. Group failed at diplomacy on the general. Combat with the general occurs near the van.

End Session 8

Session 7

Leaves for Manchester, runs from a Bull Charger, a Techfiend and two Scatter Cats. Group tries to enter a small hole, however gets interrupted by a Augmented Sentients: Killer model. Moves through the town from building to building to avoid combat. Gets spotted by a sentry robot.

Gained 500 CDP
Gained 2000 Trust

End Session 7

Session 6

Athena pages group for a conference. Next mission is to destroy a specific bridge to prevent an attack at headquarters by Black Adder. Group drives to the bridge and started preventing traffic from moving across bridge. Vera and Moss start planting explosives on the support columns. Bridge gets destroyed with Black Adder troops on it. Group uses sniper rifles and a grenade launcher to attack survivors then leaves once they spot an attack helicopter. A building ends up falling on the helicopter as it tries to fire rockets at the van. Group goes back to headquarters and prepares for an attack from a strike team. Headquarters gets attacks by two power suits, a hummer-type vehicle and a squad of infantry. After combat the bridge above us collapses and group escapes. Group prepares for an attack on Black Adder headquarters.

Gained CDP 75
Gained Trust 100

End Session 6

Session 5

Injured Guard, Vladmir, recovers with a cybernetic leg, joins group for a mission against the Black Adders for vengeance. Group ambushes two patrolling soldiers, finding two trust chips worth 650 and 200, weapons and a key card. Key card is for a nearby bunker. Killed two guards in front of the bunker, twelve in the mess hall. Group finds the armory and outfits itself between that and the armory back at base.

Gained CDP 75

End Session 5

Session 4

Group met back at the bar, Afus left the group and Xyphus, a Nephilim, joined the group. Two guards are at the facility where the witness is known to be. We diplomacy through them, and calm the witness. Group takes witness and ten NPC guards to a nearby ship dock to a safer place to fortify against an assault. Once fortified, we learn that the incoming forces are made of New London spec ops military called Black Adder. General Bell is the criminal boss ‘Bell’, witness uncovered the proof of it. Moss set bombs, group set barricades and Vera contacted Athena for reinforcements. Athenas’ Decoy came, group sneaked out and was picked up by Peter. Group succeeded in the mission and all NPC guards survived.

Group gains 2000 Trust and 250 CDP

End Session 4


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