AO in New London

Session 2

Starting in the monitoring room. Encountered two Remnants trying to break into the control room. Group chooses to save a police officer first instead of going to the source of the problem. Four Remnants inside the room, plus four dead bodies and the tortured officer. Safely rescued the officer, regrouped with all party members and Bill evacuated. Pete is the only NPC with the group at the moment. Entered room with the “leader” of the Remnants with two nearby Remnants. The room contains a whirlpool with septic water being filtered through. Current strong enough to be treated as instant-kill if someone falls into it. “Leader” wields the water into a wave and hits most of the group, with a potency level 2 disease. He then wielded energy and shocked the group, also causing a party wipe. Party was able to recover and defeat the “Leader” Remnant and the other two.

End Session 2



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