AO in New London

Session 3

Gained 100 CDP

Gained Meteorite Detector. Meteorites are capable of giving various abilities to weapons and equipment.

Group called to Athena. Mission to bring in person with codename ‘X’ to speak out against the weapon dealer. We also need suitcase with evidence. Weapons dealer codename ‘Bell’ is also trying to find ‘X’. Mission will take us into Old London. Group should meet with Moss first. Moss is knowledgeable of that area. Group should track ‘X’ from the ‘other end’ instead of the police, since the police cannot divulge information. Group should look for Jillian and/or Ted. Moss will also accompany the group.

Group goes down stairs into the subway. They descend further down into unused subway tunnels. Group enters Old London, then to a nearby bar to gather information. Group sees Ted enter bar then leave, group splits up. One part follows Ted, the other part waiting on more information.

Dorrian Apt #, Jillian and Ted were assassins. They were both killed during interrogation.

End Session 3



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