AO in New London

Session 6

Athena pages group for a conference. Next mission is to destroy a specific bridge to prevent an attack at headquarters by Black Adder. Group drives to the bridge and started preventing traffic from moving across bridge. Vera and Moss start planting explosives on the support columns. Bridge gets destroyed with Black Adder troops on it. Group uses sniper rifles and a grenade launcher to attack survivors then leaves once they spot an attack helicopter. A building ends up falling on the helicopter as it tries to fire rockets at the van. Group goes back to headquarters and prepares for an attack from a strike team. Headquarters gets attacks by two power suits, a hummer-type vehicle and a squad of infantry. After combat the bridge above us collapses and group escapes. Group prepares for an attack on Black Adder headquarters.

Gained CDP 75
Gained Trust 100

End Session 6



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